December 14, 2000

10 Questions with Charles Northrup of the GNOME to Windows port

Author: JT Smith

NewsForge reader John Gowin submitted this interesting story: "Recently, Global Technologies Ltd. Inc created something of a stir in the GNU/Linux community with a press release announcing their successful porting of the GNOME desktop environment to the Windows platform. After reading the discussions on various web sites, like Slashdot and others, Linux Orbit decided to contact Global Technologies and ask them a little more about the project. We were fortunate enough to get in contact with Charles Northrup, the CTO for Global Technologies and the lead developer on the GNOME port. The following 10 question interview was granted via email and Mr Northrup sheds a little more light on the reasons for the port as well as why GNOME was ported instead of KDE. The answers were very enlightening."


  • Open Source
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