10 Years of Fedora According to the FPLs (Fedora Magazine)


Fedora Magazine looks at ten years of Fedora history by talking with former project leaders. “In the early days, Fedora was not as you see it today. The community didn’t have the ability to contribute directly to Fedora as they do today – hence the ‘Core’ naming. The community worked on the ‘extras’ repositories, but the core of Fedora was developed by Red Hat without direct access to the community. This put the FPL in an uncomfortable spot. [Michael K.] Johnson says he pushed for a source code control system that the community would have access to, but was unable to get the green light. Calling it a ‘failure to take Fedora seriously as important to Red Hat’s future,’ Johnson says he felt he’d lost credibility with the community and ‘whoever replaced me would have one short opportunity to fix this, or the community would fail.’

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