January 14, 2004

1.0.0 release of Thuban (Geographic Data Viewer)

Frank writes "The first stable version (1.0.0) of the Free Software Geographic Information Tool Thuban has been released by Intevation.

Thuban is an interactive viewer for geographic data layers. It can handle Shapefiles, PostgreSQL/PostGIS spatial databases and raster data. The user interface makes data exploration easy. Notable features are the legend editor with some automatic classification, projection support and management of attribute tables.

Thuban is Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is platform independent using the wxPython framework and builds upon powerful libraries. Intevation has helped to start the FreeGIS project about four years ago which provides the most comprehensive overview of Free Software GIS components on www.freegis.org. "One incentive to start developing Thuban was to fill a missing link in the FreeGIS world", says Jan-Oliver Wagner, Managing Director of Intevation. "It also fits in well what our clients and the market demands."

Thuban has been designed as a platform for GIS applications. An example is the simulation system GREAT-ER (Geography Referenced Regional Exposure Assessment Tool for European Rivers). Thuban features an API for developing Add-Ons and other extensions. Experimental WMS client functionality and APR (Arcview project) file importer are two examples.

Thuban supports language locales. The application has been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Russian (cyrillic script) and Spanish. The current user documentation is in English.

Binary packages for RedHat Linux (RPM, tested on RH 7.2), Debian GNU/Linux and Windows 2000, sources, screen-shots and details:


About Intevation GmbH

Intevation GmbH is specialized in Free Software and offers IT-services in strategic consulting, project management & realization and GIS solutions. All activities are based on Free Software, active communication management, modern development technologies and usability design.

For GIS solutions Intevation already implemented many individual solutions ranging from browser-based work on digital maps, development of specific applications up to Location Based Services (LBS) on specialized spatial databases.


Link: thuban.intevation.org

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