June 6, 2003

10x Software Releases JewelBox Web Edition

Jason writes "10x Software Releases JewelBox Web Edition.
Open Source Platform for Web Application Development & Deployment.

Austin, TX(Business Wire)June 5, 2003: 10x Software, a leading
software platform and professional services organization specializing in the
integration of open source with leading commercial software solutions, today
announced the alpha release of JewelBox Web Edition, a fully integrated suite
of proven open source products addressing development and deployment
requirements for web-enabled software applications.

The JewelBox Platform delivers on the promise of less expensive, more robust
open source software and is comprised of two highly synergistic components;
JewelBox Builder and JewelBox Runner. JewelBox Builder is a software
development platform designed for developing web-enabled business applications
faster and more cost effectively. JewelBox Runner is a deployment platform,
providing the computing infrastructure necessary for running mission-critical
applications over the Internet. Both JewelBox Builder and JewelBox Runner are
available immediately for download directly from the 10x Software web site

JewelBox is based on Open Standard Platform for Java (OSP-Java) , an
architectural foundation for integrating best-in-class open source and
commercial software solutions into a single enterprise platform. OSP-Java
defines multiple architectural styles (Web, Enterprise, Wireless, Portal and
Integration) to identify and separate the architectural concerns of development
and deployment requirements. With this current release of JewelBox Web Edition,
10x Software provides the first complete open source solution for development
and deployment of web-based business applications. Future products, currently
under development, will address additional enterprise computing requirements
demanded by businesses today.

According to John Osborne, President/CEO of 10x Software, "We are delighted
with this early release of JewelBox because it provides the first comprehensive
open source solution set, fully integrated, tested, and targeted for corporate
IT organizations. He also commented, "For the first time, corporations can
leverage open source software while focusing their valuable IT resources on the
delivery of business solutions faster, more cost effectively, and with less risk
to their project."

About 10x Software, Inc.

10x Softwares mission is to provide the software and services necessary to
assist Global 1000 organizations transition to an effective use of open source
and open standards technologies towards reducing their software total cost of
ownership. Based on the OSP-Java architecture, 10x Software uses leading open
standards to integrate commercial, off-the-shelf solutions with open source
technologies to address enterprise computing requirements of major corporations
worldwide. Further details are available on their web site at

Link: 10xsoftware.com

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