February 28, 2002

11 new HOWTOs in the Linux Orbit Library

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes: "We've posted 11 new HOWTOs in the Linux Orbit library. Thanks to Harold Rodriguez for granting us the rights to publish his excellent tutorials."

The new additions include:

Introduction to BASH shell scripting: Version 1.2
Compiling Software Tutorial: Version 2.01
Configuring the BASH shell: Version 1.0
Booting into GUI: Version 1.0
Creating Your Own MAN Page: Version 1.0
Easy Internet Sharing: Version 1.1
Event Scheduling in GNU/Linux: Version 1.0
Securing the Home Linux System: Version 2.0
The Quick and Dirty Guide to Slackware Packages: Version 1.0
Vi Crash Course: Version 1.0

Check them out at LinuxOrbit.com.


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