October 29, 2002

1dok.org - Open Source Project

Ursula Bartels writes:
In cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), the Fraunhofer Institute for open communication systems and the Technologietransferzentrale Schleswig-Holstein, there will be a 1dok.org-day at the CeBit 2003 in Hannover/Germany (more will be published soon under http://www.1dok.org/eng/framesetcebit.html).

Our aim is to ask all Office product vendors to comment on the requirements of the market and to present their own solutions in a public frame.

In preparation, we are collecting the equirements in close cooperation with public administrations, economic enterprises, universities and citizens in the course of our project. Due to preceding publications in diverse forums, many interesting
contributions and complements have reached us already.They will help to perfect the catalog of requirements (see http://www.1dok.org/eng/frameseta.html).

One result of our present work has turned out to be substantial: the standard document format√Ęs ability to incorporate semantically structured contents would be highly important, beside its
interoperability (see http://www.1dok.org/eng/framesetm.html and

Which possibilities will follow from this, a study in technology will show, the results of which are also to be presented on 1dok.org-day.

We are looking for a diploma student to accomplish the study. The thesis will be built on the basis of the OpenOffice.org format among others. The belonging practical part will
therefore take place in the development laboratories of SUN Microsystems Inc. Hamburg immediately.

Kind regards
Ursula Bartels
Project Management: MSK GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 33
22869 Schenefeld

Telefon +49 40 839 286 15
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