July 22, 2005

2005 Open source letter to the open source community - a reply

Adrian von Bidder responds to the open letter to the open source community that we published earlier this week. He describes himself as "a software engineer at a small company, where we benefit greatly from open source software, and a Debian GNU/Linux package maintainer in my spare time. I also founded and run the pool.ntp.org project -- while it is not strictly speaking an open software project, it uses exactly the same loose community structure which is so typical for open source projects."

First, who is this community? If you mean 'the people who wrote all this software', you must be aware that this is an extremely heterogeneous group of people. You find the clichéd open source hacker, working the nights on cool projects for fun while flipping burgers (or rather, backup tapes) during the day, of course. But you also find students, PhDs, professors and, more and more, people who just do the job they're paid to do.

Link: TechWorld

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