2010 Gentoo Screenshot Contest Results


Long live Gentoo! As the quantity and quality of this year’s entries will attest, Gentoo is alive, well, and taking no prisoners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. There were 103 total entries using 7 different window managers and desktop environments.

The Winners

1. Nickname: Chopinzee. Desktop: E17 built from the official EFL overlay.

2. Nickname: whtwtr. Name: Shawn H. Desktop: Compiz window manager with the Xfce panel.

3. Nickname: GentooApologetin. Desktop: Custom Xfce.

4. Nickname: shpaq. Name: Michał Laszuk. Desktop: Gnome with the Gant icon theme.

5. Nickname: nm. Desktop: dwm (simplicity is elegance).

For all the specifications and cool details please visit the main Gentoo screenshots page. Make sure to check out all the entries!

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