January 17, 2002

2.5 kernel status update

Author: JT Smith

Guillaume Boissiere in a post to LKML: "I've seen several times on this list people wondering what features
were in the works for 2.5 and what the status of the development was.
I did some grepping on the archive and put together a list of things
that have been discussed / worked on for 2.5 over the past year or
It's probably pretty incomplete and full of errors at this point but 
I'll be happy to update it if you send me email.

o Merged   New scheduler for improved scalability       (Ingo Molnar)
o Merged   Rewrite of the block IO (bio) layer          (Jens Axboe)
o Merged   New kernel device structure (kdev_t)         (Linus
o Merged   Initial support for USB 2.0                  (Greg KH,
o Ready    Add User-Mode Linux (UML)                    (Jeff Dike)
o Ready    Add ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) (ALSA team)
o Ready    IDE layer update                             (Andre


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