January 15, 2002

2600 Magazine files for rehearing in DeCSS case

Author: JT Smith

Marcia Wilbur writes, "From an email message from Wendy Seltzer (dvd-discuss/openlaw): 2600 Magazine asked the full Second Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse
November decision of a three-judge panel because the opinion conflicts
Supreme Court precedent in a case of exceptional importance."

"Free speech principles should turn not upon newly minted
between pen-and-ink and point-and-click," lawyers from the EFF and
Law School Dean Kathleen M. Sullivan argue. Instead, speech on the
Internet demands the same high level of protection as off-line
speech. Further, the linking injunction saps the "lifeblood of the
Internet" without adequate justification.

Newsbytes article:

Petition for rehearing:
http://www.eff.org/IP/Video/MPAA_DVD_cases/2002011 4_ny_2600_appeal.html>

EFF press release:
http://www.eff.org/IP/Video/MPAA_DVD_cases/2002011 4_ny_eff_pr.html>"

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