May 7, 2004

2nd Ed. of "Advanced UNIX Programming"

Author: Marc Rochkind

Heather Fox writes
"Addison-Wesley announces publicatio of "Second Edition of Advanced Unix (R) Programming"

Marc Rochkind Completely Updates Classic Guide to UNIX Programming; Includes Most Current Developments on New System Calls, Linux, Darwin, FreeBSD

Upper Saddle River, NJ (May 6, 2004) - Addison-Wesley, the leading publisher of advanced technology books, announces the publication of the Second Edition of Advanced UNIX (R) Programming (ISBN 0131411543), Marc Rochkind's classic guide to UNIX programming, which first published in 1985. This new edition retains Rochkind's masterful writing and style of instruction, while completely updating with all the most current developments, including the most recent UNIX system calls, standards and implementations.

Rochkind zeroes in on all the most critical UNIX system calls while steering the reader away from those that are unnecessary. Major topics of instruction include: interprocess communication, networking (sockets); pseudo terminals, asynchronous I/O; advanced signals; realtime and threads.

Link here for a complete table of contents:

Rochkinds approach is to provide thousands of lines of example code, for applications such as a Web browser and server, a keystroke recorder/player, and a shell including pipelines, redirection and background processes.

Rochkind is well-known for the contributions he made to UNIX while at Bell Laboratories in the 1970s, including the Source Code Control System.

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