3 Aging IT Specialties that Just Won’t Retire


If your organization has a point-of-sale system running on technology that is older than you care to admit in public, well, you’re not alone.

Baby Boomers are retiring and taking with them the skills to run legacy technologies upon which organizations still (amazingly) rely – from AS/400 wrangling to COBOL development. That leaves many CIOs in a tight spot, trying to fill roles that not only require specialized knowledge no longer being taught but that most IT professionals agree also have limited long-term prospects. “Specific skill sets associated with mainframes, DB2 and Oracle, for example, are complex and require years of training, and can be challenging to find in young talent,” says Graig Paglieri, president of Randstad Technologies.

Let’s examine three categories of legacy tech skills that CIOs may still need for the foreseeable future, according to IT leaders and recruiters:

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