3 Docker Compose Features for Improving Team Development Workflow


A developer today is bombarded with a plethora of tools that cover every possible problem you might have—but, selecting which tools to use is The New Problem. Even in container-land, we’re swimming in an ocean of tool choices, most of which didn’t exist a few years ago.

I’m here to help. I make a living out of helping companies adopt a faster and more efficient workflow for developing, testing, packaging, and shipping code to servers. Today that means containers, but it’s often not just the tool that’s important; it’s the way you use it and the way you scale it in a team.

For now, let’s focus on Docker Compose. It has become the de facto standard for managing container-based developer environments across any major OS. For years, I’ve consistently heard about teams tossing out a list of tools and scripts this single tool replaces. That’s the reason people adopt Compose. It works everywhere, saves time, and is easy to understand.

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