3 Things to Ask a Cloud Services Provider


Choosing a cloud service provider is much like buying a car. You want a car that will keep your family safe in case of an accident, will offer a smooth, stress-free ride, and is ideal for your transportation needs. Similarly with a cloud service provider, you also want to keep your files safe, enjoy the ease of use, and ensure that the services fit your needs.

You wouldn’t walk into a car dealership, close your eyes, point to a car, and drive away with that one, would you? Don’t do that with a cloud service provider, either. Make sure the service fits your needs before you settle. The cloud computing stack can be quite confusing for a business not regularly entrenched in the technology landscape, but the following three questions will start you on the right path.

1.       What Type of Cloud Services Do You Offer?

Much like there are different types of vehicles—cars, trucks, SUVs, etc.—there are various types of cloud computing services.


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