4 New Training Courses Help You Keep Pace with Open Source Networking


Open source networking is transforming how enterprises today develop, deploy, and scale their networks and services. To help you keep pace with the evolution that is taking place in enterprise networking, The Linux Foundation has expanded its training offerings to include four new open networking courses:

These courses, which provide both introductory and advanced knowledge of ONAP and OPNFV technologies, are open for immediate enrollment.  

In the Introduction to ONAP course (LFS163x), taught by Amar Kapadia, you will learn how the ONAP platform uses SDN and NFV to orchestrate and automate physical and virtual network services. In this free course, Kapadia, the author of Understanding OPNFV, offers a high-level look at the ONAP project and provides a guide for participating in and benefiting from the ONAP community.

The free NFV Acceleration: An Introduction to OPNFV (LFS164x) course offers an introduction to the OPNFV project. It describes the various challenges that OPNFV solves and provides an overview of related projects and industry use cases.

ONAP Fundamentals (LFS263) provides basic hands-on knowledge of the ONAP project. The course includes lab exercises to run on the Google Cloud Platform to help you achieve a deeper understanding of ONAP’s functional areas.

OPNFV Fundamentals (LFS264) introduces students to the basics of OPNFV. Starting with an overview of NFV and OPNFV technology, the course looks at challenges that OPNFV solves and then discusses integrating and testing OPNFV projects. The course also includes deployment and testing exercises to run on the Google Cloud Platform.

Pre-enrollment discount

LFS163x and LFS164x course are now available for free on edX.org. LFS263 and LFS264 are open for pre-enrollment through The Linux Foundation, with the courses becoming fully available in May. Purchases for those courses made during the pre-enrollment period reflect a discounted fee of $99 each ($199 standard).