4 Open-Source Network Management Tools Improve Usability, Performance


Network management tools have come a long way from the early command-line products with arcane, text-based configuration files that kept everyone except the resident (typically Linux) guru in the dark. Today’s management tools, replete with desktop or web-based GUIs, easy installs and configuration wizards, are far more accessible. With each iteration vendors find ways to make these tools more powerful and easier to use. 

For this review, we evaluated newer versions of three established open-source network management products – OpenNMS, Zenoss Core and NetXMS – as well as a relative newcomer, Sensu Core. All four products are free and open source.

Here’s what we found:

OpenNMS provides a range of management options, from simple to complex, and it’s available for both Windows and Linux environments. Customizable dashboard options are a plus, but configuration can be tricky.

Zenoss Core stands out for its flexible reporting and wide range of preconfigured plugins, however it’s only available for two versions of Linux.

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