August 1, 2001

4Front Technologies announces OSS/3D plugin for XMMS

Author: JT Smith

From 4Front Technologies: 4Front Technologies, a leading develope
of digital and analog audio solutions for the Linux and UNIX Operating System
platforms, announced today the release of its new OSS/3D plugin for X Multimedia
System (XMMS).

OSS/3D comprises of a set of proprietary 3D audio algorithms that provide audio
spatialization, depth perception, bass boost, fidelity enhancement and speaker
/headphone correction. OSS/3D works with standard 2-speaker based soundcards.

"OSS/3D has been a huge success on Winamp for Windows and now with support
for XMMS, 4Front Technologies once again demonstrates leadership in digital
audio on Linux.", said Dev Mazumdar, President of 4Front Technologies.

Tim Joslin, a user of OSS/3D on Windows, had this to say: "I just thought
I'd write to thank you for this extraordinary dsp plugin. I was using Power
Technology's DFX and thought it was super, until I tried your plugin. It
nearly blew me off my chair! Now I'm nearly in acoustic nirvana."

OSS/3D technologies will be available to Linux PDA and audio appliance
manufacturers who wish to provide more feature rich audio products and provide
a product differentiation in a market that is mostly saturated with standard
stereo audio output.

More information on the OSS/3D is available at and the
Plugin for XMMS can be purchased online at an introductory price of $10.00.
A free trial demo version can be also downloaded from this site.

About 4Front Technologies

4Front Technologies is a privately held company with development facilities in
California, Finland and Sweden. 4Front's main focus is on developing audio
solutions for the UNIX and embedded Systems marketplace. 4Front's Open Sound
System has become the "de-facto" audio API for UNIX and is distributed with
Linux and FreeBSD kernel sources under the GNU Public License (GPL). Open Sound
System has been licensed by companies like SCO, Hewlett Packard, Wind River
Systems and endorsed by SUN Microsystems. The commercial version of Open Sound
System sold by 4Front Technologies is also bundled in Linux distributions from
Corel, Caldera, SuSE and MIZI, Holon Software and MandrakeSoft. Additional
Information on Open Sound System is available at

The X Multimedia System (XMMS) project is developed under the GNU Public
License (GPL) by 4Front Technologies. XMMS is a cross platform multimedia
player that supports MP3, Wave, MPEG1 Video, VideoCD, Amiga MOD, MIDI, and
other digital audio and video formats. It also provides MP3 streaming playback
support over the Internet and provides visual graphics synchronized to sound
output. It also provides complete control over GUI layout and design. XMMS
has received many prestigious awards as the most popular media application
on Linux from Linux Journal, Linux Magazine and SlashDot.Org. More information
on XMMS is available at


OSS/3D is a trademark of 4Front Technologies.
All copyrights mentioned are the property of their respective owners.
Copyright © 2001, 4Front Technologies.

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