The 4th issue of the Linux NetMag is ready


Author: JT Smith

Andy Ziegler writes: “The Linux NetMag is a free e-zine with
articles concerning all about Linux. We try to cover all columns from Software,
Network over Hardware and Knowledge.

Now, the 4th English issue of the Linux
NetMag is ready.

It presents articles reporting about

	* GTML - a web preprocessor
	* HTML editors
	* Your own broadcast station
	* Web Jukebox with IceDJ
	* Games
	* Astronomy programs

	* Check your websites
	* Samba Part II
	* Chat on your homepage
	* ICQ clients and server
	* FTP clients and server
	* Modem sharing

	* Use the soundcard as an oszilloscope

	* A big Gimp tutorial
	* The boot process

and more.

We invite everyone to have a look into this e-zine.
German issues at www.linuxnetmag.deAndy Ziegler"