September 18, 2014

5 More Killer Features Windows 9 Should Steal from Linux

If the latest Windows 9 leaks are any indication, some of the operating system's coolest new features will look a lot like what Linux users already enjoy: Like the virtual desktops Linux users have had since the 90âs, and a centralized notification center like the one available in GNOME Shell.

Windows 9 also looks like it'll co-opt Ubuntuâs vision of a single operating system interface that can run on all form factors, complete with apps that run in windowed mode when it makes more sense to do so. Who would have imagined? Windowed applications are a big new feature in Windows.

But there are other great Linux features Microsoft should copy, too. And hey, I'm not just complaining hereâWindows would legitimately be better if they stole these features. As Apple once said: âRedmond, start your photocopiers.â

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