December 2, 2003

5 problems with the Open Source community

Just as, in the Java world, there are many competing MVC frameworks for JSP development, so many Open Source developers - says LinuxWorld senior
editor James Turner - "scratch the same itch." In this week's installment of our "Point-Counterpoint" series, LinuxWorld editors James Turner and
Steve Suehring slug it out over that most contentious of issues: does the Open Source community on occasion shoot itself in the foot? James says it
does, constantly; Steve disagrees.

Theres no question that the Open Source community has a lot going for it. Besides a staggering amount of developer power that can be turned against
important problems, the Open Source movement also has a passion and commitment to its work that the commercial software world often envies. But
sometimes, the Open Source community can be its own worst enemy. Here are a few reasons why.



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