January 14, 2013

5 Recipes For A Healthy FOSS Community

I got in the world of FOSS around 2003/04, I was lucky I got some good mentors. I felt like writing down what all I learnt after growing up in this world. Here is what I have learnt after following some awesome community like KDE, Ubuntu, OpenStack, etc.

1. Respect

Respect is one of the key ingredients for any successful FOSS community. Most of us who work in FOSS are hobbyist & we need respect/appreciation/love/care.  A leader needs to respect his contributors and vice versa. Success of your project does not depend on one individual but entire community.

2. Open expression of your views

What I meant by this is, if you have any indifference regarding any issue sort it out. Speak out in loud, don't sleep over it because that will impact the overall project badly in long run. At times you never know what/why someone acted that way or certain decisions being made.

3. Mentoring...Read more at Muktware

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