5 Things to Know Before Adopting Microservice and Container Architectures


I spend a lot of time with existing and potential customers answering questions about how we use and manage containers to create a platform composed of dozens of microservices.

We definitely consider ourselves early adopters of containers, and we started packaging services in them almost as soon as Docker released its first production-ready version in the summer of 2014. Many of the customers I talk with are just now beginning — or thinking about beginning — such journeys, and they want to know everything we know. They want to know how we make it work, and how we architected it. But part of the process, I like to stress, is that they need to know what we learned from where we struggled along the way.

With that in mind, here are five key takeaways I’d like to share with anyone pondering containers and microservices:

1. Never Stop Developing

Take your adoption project seriously, and treat it like a product. Give it a name, some internal branding even and a clear product vision. It should be managed and given a life.

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