5 Ways Blockchain Can Accelerate Open Organizations


Blockchain makes running an organization less costly. In the process, it introduces revolutionary degrees of transparency, inclusivity, and adaptability.

In an effort to not only understand blockchain itself, but also to discover the ways adopting it could change our approach to organizing today, I read several books on it. Blockchain Revolution, by father and son collaborators Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, is one of the most thoroughly researched I’ve encountered so far…

In the book, the authors raise two particularly interesting issues:

  • the impact of blockchain on organizational formation, and
  • the impact of blockchain on the ways we accomplish certain tasks

Pondering the first issue made me wonder: Why should organizations be formed in the first place, and how would blockchain technology “revolutionize” them according to open organization characteristics? I’ll explore that question in the first part of this two-part book review.

The second issue prompted me to think: How would our approaches to various tried-and-true organizational tasks change with the introduction of blockchain technology? I’ll address that one next time.

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