With 50M Users In Tow, OpenDNS Looks To Bring Enterprise Security Into the Mobile Era


Bring up the topic of “enterprise security platforms” around polite company, and you may be quickly shown the door. The subject can be boring, but the truth is that enterprise security writ large are critical, ideally making the Web a safer place for both businesses and consumers by policing malware, botnets, phishing and other malicious software.

Of course, today businesses big and small are moving to the cloud, adopting services like Dropbox, Box and Google Apps in droves. In turn, employees are increasingly going mobile, both in where they work and how they work, as they now carry multiple phones, view documents on their iPads, and collaborate on projects hosted on these services outside of the office. Yet, while workforces (enterprise included) are increasingly remote, mobile and nomadic, security services haven’t adapted to this change in user behavior. When employees go out on the road, for example, their network’s security doesn’t follow them.

So, today, OpenDNS is attempting to pick up the slack with the launch of a new product called Umbrella, which allows companies to extend their service and content browsing policies to employees while they’re on the go. 

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