6 Must-Attend Talks at Cloud Foundry Summit on Serverless, Knative, Microservices


Tech conferences often feel the same to me. It’s all about the ratios. Too much technical stuff and you wonder how any of it actually applies to your business problems. Too much business-speak and you might end up looking for a slide deck escape hatch to take you to a code repository. Like Goldilocks eating porridge, or me eating a cupcake, you want to find a mix that’s “just right.” Finding a good balance between deep technical content and compelling business outcomes makes for a better conference. (Now that I think about it, so would serving cupcakes!)

This is one reason why I love Cloud Foundry Summit—the ratios are right! There are always plenty of compelling user stories where you can follow what companies like AllstateRoyal Bank of Canada, and CSAA have been able to accomplish with Cloud Foundry. But Cloud Foundry Summit has a lot to offer for tech enthusiasts too, including plenty of opportunities to learn about related projects and emerging technologies. Last year, Kubernetesfunctions, and event-driven architectures were hot topics.

This year’s Cloud Foundry Summit is right around the corner… If you’re as intrigued by all things serverless as I am, here’s my list of must-attend talks:

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