March 4, 2003

64-bit Process will be Intel and Microsoft's Achilles Heel

Eric Peterson writes "MPEG4 Audio Required: Oscast contributor Harry Rider believes that a lot of developers and users have "hitched themselves to a couple of "dead horses" so to speak. The "dead horses" in this case are both Intel and Microsoft. Mr Rider drew the conclusion after analyzing these company's plans for the future and how they've stated that they intend to run the course for the 64-bit processing wave that will be hitting the computing market in the following months.

His analysis illustrates that the Intel / Microsoft duopoly will either stagnate because of the large number of competing and incompatible x86-compatible 64 processors that will be on the market in the coming months or be forced to remain in 32-bit mode for the foreseeable future. He believes that more foward-looking 64-bit processors such as IBM's Power PC 970, Power 4, Power 5 and operating systems running Linux and OS X have a brighter future."


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