7 Essential Predictions For Mobile Apps In The Enterprise


Guest author Chris O’Connor is chief executive of mobile solutions provider Taptera.

The booming mobile applications market is a hot topic right now at many a water cooler in Silicon Valley and beyond. I’ve toiled in the mobile market since 2007 and in those  years I’ve witnessed more than my fair share of changes – some entirely predictable – others not so much. Relying on the wisdom that comes with a decade-plus in the business, I’d like to offer a few educated guesses as to what’s next in enterprise mobile apps.

A Mobile Crystal Ball

Here are seven predictions for the mobile apps market in the coming year:

1. Mobile Tools For Salespeople. Mobile devices are the business tool of choice for most salespeople. As a result, there will be even more new apps that cater to these often-mobile employees. Look for apps that allow salespeople to more effectively pitch prospective clients, make presentations to existing ones and update opportunities, all while they’re away from the office. 

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