7 Python Libraries for More Maintainable Code


A great way to protect the future maintainability of a project is to use external libraries to check your code health for you. These are a few of our favorite libraries for linting code(checking for PEP 8 and other style errors), enforcing a consistent style, and ensuring acceptable test coverage as a project reaches maturity.

Check your code style

PEP 8 is the Python code style guide, and it sets out rules for things like line length, indentation, multi-line expressions, and naming conventions. Your team might also have your own style rules that differ slightly from PEP 8. The goal of any code style guide is to enforce consistent standards across a codebase to make it more readable, and thus more maintainable. Here are three libraries to help prettify your code.

1. Pylint

Pylint is a library that checks for PEP 8 style violations and common errors. It integrates well with several popular editors and IDEs and can also be run from the command line.

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