7 Tips to Declutter Your Work Life


Could decluttering your work life make you more productive and happy in 2019? Considering the fact that millions of people have bought into Marie Kondo’s organization method, as described in her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” and in her popular new Netfilx series, it’s an idea worth exploring.

We asked IT and business leaders for their “life-changing” hacks for filtering out the distractions and focusing on their most important work. Read on for their tips, and consider if any of these ideas can help spark more joy in your work day.

Redefine “enough”

Elene Cafasso, founder and president, Enerpace, Inc.“Decluttering your work life begins with prioritizing. Most of us define ‘enough’ as everything. What happens when everything becomes impossible to accomplish? 

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