November 7, 2003

724 Solutions Delivers on Linux

The latest release of 724's X-treme Mobility Gateway offers the most
flexible deployment scenarios with availability on Linux, Sun Solaris and
HP-UX platforms for improved performance and lowest total cost of ownership

Santa Barbara, CA 724 Solutions (NASDAQ: SVNX; TSX: SVN), a leading
provider of next-generation IP-based network, applications and data
services, announced that the X-treme Mobility Gateway (XMG) is now available
on Linux, in addition to Sun Solaris and HP-UX platforms. As the first WAP
gateway operating on all three platforms, XMG gives mobile network operators
the highest level of flexibility in deployment of their data infrastructure.

724's XMG uniquely gives mobile network operators the flexibility to manage
capital expenditure and tighten network security through multi-tier
implementations. Mobile operators can now choose to maintain back-end
stateful processes on servers running Sun Solaris or HP-UX, and at the same
time deploy Linux for front-end processors to achieve the right balance on
total cost of ownership. Distributed (de-coupled) system components enable
more granular investment to support growth since components can be scaled

Security is also enhanced in this multi-tier implementation. Traditional
gateway deployments control access to a mobile operator's network and user
information through authentication, access rights, and privacy measures. In
addition to applying these measures, a tiered network architecture
physically limits the number of servers that are exposed to public networks
and stores sensitive user information on back-end servers that are not
externally accessible.

The separation of front-end protocol handling from back-end request
processing gives mobile operators the highest level of network and user data
protection. It also ensures efficient, cost-effective scaling, and provides
the option to employ low cost, high-performance, commodity computing
platforms for stateless components.

"Implementing an industry open standard such as WAP 2.0 on open source OS is
a natural choice. The high performance 2.4 kernel is an ideal entry point
for mobile network operators seeking to benefit from the technical and cost
advantages of Linux," says XJ Wang, Yankee Group. 724's focus on
innovation and delivering practical solutions have set a new standard for
the price, performance, and functionality of WAP gateways.

XMG on Linux is an important addition to 724's value driven product line,
says John Sims, CEO, 724 Solutions. With full support for three operating
systems and unmatched flexibility in deployment, XMG affords operators a low
risk, practical means of deploying Linux in order to improve performance and
lower network costs.

About 724 Solutions

724 Solutions (NASDAQ: SVNX; TSX: SVN) delivers reliable, scalable
technology and solutions that allow mobile network operators to rapidly
deploy flexible and open next generation IP-based network and data services.
Additionally, in conjunction with mobile operator partners, the company
provides a series of actionable alerting solutions to enterprises to assist
them in lowering operating costs and improving customer relationship
management. 724 Solutions is a global company with development operations in
North America, Switzerland and Germany with headquarters in Toronto, Canada.
For more information, visit

About X-treme Mobility Gateway

The first fully compliant WAP 2.0 gateway, 724's XMG is enabling premium
content services and applications for subscribers around the globe. XMG is
an open and secure, massively scalable, highly fault-tolerant mobile gateway
and the only carrier grade gateway to have been successfully deployed
distributed across geographies with inter and intra-site fail-over.

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