March 8, 2016

8 Guidelines to Advance Women in Tech on International Women’s Day

Just in time for International Womenâs Day, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)âs Luskin Center for Innovation has released âRethinking Public, Private and Nonprofit Strategies to Advance Women in Technology,â a 60-page report that articulates just how far the tech industry still needs to go to address its gap in gender diversity â and how it can get there.

âIronically, while the tech industry epitomizes innovation and progress, it has some of the most asymmetrical representations of women and minorities of any industry in the United States,â the report says. âDespite recent efforts to address the diversity gap by corporations, high-profile non-governmental organizations, and the public sector, womenâs representation in technical and executive leadership roles has not improved since 1991.â


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