May 8, 2002

AbiWord 1.0 released

Martin Sevior writes:
Word Processing for Everyone, AbiWord 1.0 ships.
May 8th, 2002 -- The AbiWord team is proud to announce the first global
release of the award-winning Open Source word processor, AbiWord version
1.0.1. More than three years in the making, AbiWord is a reliable, extensible,
cross-platform word-processor with many powerful features.
We aim at robust inter-operability with existing products, such as Microsoft
Word®, Corel's WordPerfect®, and others. Our goal is to incorporate
the most useful features of these competing applications without the fluff,
bloat, or inefficiency that accompany them. The result is a lean and mean
word processor, the download size being less than 4 megabytes.

Translations and as-you-type spell checking are available for more than
30 different languages on 6 continents, including Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew,
and Indonesian. An English language thesaurus is available as a separate

The worldwide team of AbiWord volunteers is already hard at work developing
the next release of AbiWord, which will include advanced features such
as tables and support for more complex languages. Users, writers, translators,
testers, and developers are all encouraged to try out AbiWord and see what
they'd like to add next.
We would particularly like to hear from Korean, Arabic and South Asian developers
and translators as we extend our coverage to all of the World's Languages.

AbiWord runs natively on Linux and other Unix variants, Windows, QNX and
is completely free. A version that runs on MacOSX is also available.

You can learn more about AbiWord from our website at

AbiWord can be downloaded from
AbiWord can be extended via plugins which can be downloaded from:

The AbiWord team can be contacted via email at:

® Micosoft Word is a registered Trademark of Microsoft inc.
® WordPerfect is a registered Trademark of Corel inc.

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