June 5, 2002

AbiWord 1.0.2 released

Mark Gilbert writes: "AbiWord 1.0.2 aka "Hold me, love me, embed me" is now available for
general consumption.

After extensive efforts at bugfixing as well as a few new features,
we're proud to announce 1.0.2 as the latest release for pure
satisfaction. Developers are hacking away on the next big milestone and in the meantime we'll continue to deliver solid dependability through 1.0.x releases.

Most notable:

+ AbiWord can now be embedded in other GNOME applications (Evolution, Gnumeric)
+ Internationalization support has undergone a great deal of work by both translaters and coders.
+ RTF and LaTeX import/export enhancements.
+ Bugs 3301, 3171, 3215, 2223, 3332.
+ Enhanced documentation.
+ Fixes and enhancements in the AbiGimp, AbiMagick, AbiPaint, and GDict plugins.

Full release notes are available at http://www.abisource.com/release-notes/1.0.2.html

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to making AbiWord 1.0.2 a
rock solid, lightning fast, universal (as close as it gets anyway) word

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