Absoft Announces new Cluster Builder’s Kit version

Devin Ash writes “Included with Cluster Licenses for Absoft Fortran Compilers. Supercomputing 2004, Pittsburgh, PA (November 9, 2004) – Absoft Corporation has announced a new Cluster Builder’s Kit version 2.0 which replaces its Beowulf
Tool Kit v1.0. The Cluster Builder’s Kit (CBK) is used in conjunction with Absoft high performance
compilers and debugging solutions and is designed to facilitate building and setting up cluster systems.
Customers who purchase Absoft compilers for clusters receive the CBK at no additional charge. The
software products included with the Cluster Builder’s Kit CD are the leading open source software packages
commonly used in today’s cluster configurations. Absoft supplies source code, pre-built libraries and
executables optimized for Absoft compilers as a service to customers.

Clusters are groups of computers based on commodity hardware,
on a private system network, with open source software (Linux) infrastructure. The designer can improve
performance proportionally with added machines. The commodity hardware can be any of a number of
mass-market, stand-alone compute nodes as simple as two networked computers each running Linux and
sharing a file system or as complex as 1024 nodes with a high-speed, low-latency network.

Major components of the CBK include:

  • LAM/MPI v7.1 from Open Systems Laboratory (for message passing)
  • MPICH v1.2 from Argonne National Laboratories
  • ScaLAPACK from netlib (for parallel numerical analysis and linear algebra)
  • Torque from supercluster.org (for batch scheduling)
  • Ohio Supercomputer Center Parallel Training Tutorial
  • “Beowulf How To” by Jacek Radajewski and Douglas Eadline
  • “Cluster Quick Start” by Douglas Eadline
  • MPI 2.0 Standards Document from the University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • MPI User Guide in FORTRAN by Dr. Peter S. Pacheco, University of San Francisco and Woo Chat Ming, University of Hong Kong

The Absoft CBK is included with the purchase of all cluster
licenses of Absoft high-performance Fortran compilers. Commercial and Academic pricing for the Absoft
cluster licenses are available based on the number of nodes and simultaneous users hosted on the system.

Versions of the Absoft CBK are available for 32-bit x86, PowerPC
and POWER based systems as well as 64-bit x64, PowerPC and POWER based systems. Product and detailed
information is available at http://www.absoft.com/Products/Clusters/clusters.h tml,
by calling Absoft at (248) 853-0050, or by emailing sales@absoft.com.

For cluster users who require a complete Software Development Kit,
Absoft and IBM announced at Supercomputing 2004, Absoft’s new HPC SDK for IBM’s Linux on POWER based systems.
The new Absoft HPC SDK differs from the CBK in that the HPC SDK includes a complete collection of
pre-configured tools for the Compile, Debug, Run and Optimize stages of developing high performance
applications for clusters. For product information and details visit
http://www.absoft.com/Products/Clusters/hpcsdk.htm l

About Absoft Corporation
Based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Absoft Corporation is a world leader in software
development tools. Since 1980 Absoft has led the scientific and engineering software
community by introducing the first commercial 32-bit Fortran compilers for Macintosh,
Windows-NT, Linux and HPC environments. Absoft business partners include: Apple, IBM,
Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Motorola, Cray Research, Sun and Silicon Graphics. Absoft is the
sole provider of source-compatible Fortran and debugging solutions for all of today’s
leading computing platforms. Major educational institutions, research laboratories, and
Fortune 2000 companies use Absoft tools worldwide.

For more information about Absoft, visit http://www.absoft.com,
e-mail sales@absoft.com, or
call 248-853-0050.

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