March 17, 2004

Absoft Announces new High Performance Linux Fortran compiler

Absoft Marketing Group writes "Absoft Announces new High Performance Fortran compiler for AMD 64-bit Opteron/Athlon processors running Linux.

Fortran95 Compiler Offers Significant Speed Improvements

Rochester Hills, MI (March 17, 2004) Absoft Corporation today announced general availability of its high performance Fortran 95 compiler v9.0 for the popular AMD Opteron/Athlon 64-bit processors running Linux. Absofts new compiler is highly optimized for features of the AMD64 architecture and can generate both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Industry standard benchmarks indicate up to a 35% performance improvement over previous releases. Absofts new compiler is the first native Fortran95 compiler in general availability for the increasingly popular AMD64 processor line.

Absoft has been working with AMD to deliver the power of 64-bit computing to customers yet allow easy code migration between 32-bit and 64-bit environments," said Wood Lotz, President of Absoft. Not only does v9.0 produce the fastest runtimes on SPEC benchmarks and real-world customer applications, but we have identified additional areas for further performance improvements.

Fortran95 v9.0 for Linux/AMD-64 is a full ANSI/ISO Fortran95 compiler with extensions that run in both F95/F77 modes. Robust with superior support for legacy F77/66 extensions and full 64-bit memory addressing, the compiler includes the new Fx2 Debugger (a $500 value) free. Tools for automatic code parallelization, OpenMP and debugging in MPI and cluster environments are also available.

Our beta program for Fortran95 v9.0 was oversubscribed; positive comments from cluster and high performance users were overwhelming; only four minor problems were reported and all were immediately fixed for this GA release. The market-leading stability of our compilers and their Cray-F90/SGI heritage allow Absoft to offer the best support for legacy Fortran applications available today. This is very important to customers with existing code bases who want to limit expense and save time during application porting or redevelopment. Further, our loyal customer base accumulated over two decades of successful market growth have helped our products mature into the most reliable Fortran compilers available, said Lotz. Absofts new high-performance Fortran95 compiler v9.0 is important to customers for the broadest range of compute-intensive applications. Our customers come from diverse fields ranging from nanotechnology to financial modeling yet they all want the same thing: a compiler that just works reliably out
of the box, added Lotz.

Absoft leads the industry in price/performance solutions with flexible licensing policies, powerful debugging, free support and is the only company offering source compatible Fortran compilers for all of todays leading computing platforms, added Lotz. The powerful combination of performance, reliability, legacy code support, compatibility, and superior technical support make Absoft products the most attractive solutions for customers looking to migrate existing applications from scalar, single processor applications to high-performance multi-processor solutions such as clusters.

Absofts Fortran95 compiler v9.0 for AMD64/Linux is available to commercial customers for $899. Special pricing is available for academic, cluster, and volume purchases. Product details and ordering information are at

About Absoft Corporation
Based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Absoft Corporation is a world leader in software development tools. Since 1980 Absoft has led the Fortran community by introducing the first commercial 32-bit Fortran compilers for Macintosh, Windows-NT, and Linux plus HPC tools. Absoft business partners have included: IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Cray Research, Sun, Silicon Graphics and MIPS. Absoft is the worlds sole provider of source-compatible Fortran and debugging solutions for all of todays leading computing platforms. Major educational institutions, research laboratories, and Fortune 2000 companies use Absoft tools worldwide.

For more information about Absoft, visit, e-mail, or call 248-853-0050.

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Wood Lotz
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