Absoft to Provide HPC SDK for IBM Linux on Power Clusters and Servers

Anonymous Reader writes “High Performance Computing hardware and software from IBM and Absoft maximizes performance for software developers on IBM HPC servers and clusters.
Supercomputing 2004, Pittsburgh, PA (November 9, 2004)
Absoft Corporation today announced it will manage, sell, and support a new High Performance Computing
(HPC) Software Developers’ Kit (SDK)
for IBM Linux on POWER™ clusters and servers. The new Absoft HPC
SDK is expected to become the standard HPC Development Kit offered to developers for IBM Linux on POWER
servers and clusters.

The new kit will include compilers, debugging solutions,
message passing libraries, numerical libraries, and other software tools used by developers in the
’Build-Debug-Run-Optimize’ development cycle for high-performance computing applications.
Tools included in the SDK are from IBM, Absoft, and other manufacturers and open source providers.”

Link: absoft.com