September 25, 2009

Accelerating Enterprise Adoption of Open Source. London, 05/10/09

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September 25, 2009, 3:44 pm

Whilst an increasing number of people and organisations are now able to position F/OSS within the context of the traditional IT organisation and wider enterprise, there are still a great many for whom questions remain unanswered. Where the seasoned F/OSS advocate celebrates and uses to their and their employer's advantage the choice, flexibility and empowerment that F/OSS affords, it can leave those who are used to being vendor-led in a position of uncertainty and with significant perceived obstacles to adoption. It is one thing to appreciate the F/OSS value proposition, and quite something else to be in a position to be able to actually reap those rewards through effective adoption and beyond that through participation.
Enterprises must update their understanding.
With this in mind BT has got together with Canonical, IBM and Moorcrofts LLP to organise a conference that will aim to address the key concerns that enterprise adopters may have, and to position F/OSS alongside proprietary software.
The event will be held in London on Monday 5th October, is free to attend and more information and registration can be found at:

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