August 22, 2005

Access Samba directly from the Web

Thomas Bley writes "IntegraTUM WebDisk is a free java web application which gives you direct access (without mount) to a file server. It is written using Java Servlets and the jCIFS library ( Supported file servers are Samba, MS Windows and NetApp OnTAP and those based on the CIFS-protocol.
For installing you need a Tomcat-Server.

The WebDisk is very interesting for schools, universities and especially those who do not want to give direct access to a file server (via port 139 / 445). The IntegraTUM WebDisk serves as a CIFS-HTTP(s)-Gateway which doesn't host any data. For security reasons this is a very good, flexible and cross-platform solution against viruses using admin-shares or other security wholes. With a web-based cifs-gateway you can keep the file server completely in a dmz without opening ports for unknown road warriors.

Supported Features:
Create, Delete, Copy, Move, Rename, Upload, Download any combination of files and directories (even copy accross several servers). Also you can download complete directories as a .zip-archive.
Using a NetApp filer it is also possible to access the snapshots (same as Volume Shadow Copy under Windows Server 2003) directly with the web application.

IntegraTUM is a project of the Technical University of Munich aimed to create a user-friendly and seemless infrastructure for information and communication on the TU Muenchen (= Technical University of Munich, Germany). As part of my research paper I developed the IntegraTUM WebDisk with support from the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum M√ľnchen (= Leibniz computer center in munich).

UML deployment diagram:


More screenshots: up_id=145888

Download: _id=145888

Best regards,
Thomas Bley"


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