Acer Aspire One is a Netbook to Desire

Article Source MoblinZone

The Acer Aspire One is a great little netbook! Well, the touchpad is terrible, and out of the box, it required a firmware upgrade in order to work properly. But everything else about this netbook is top-rate, and once you’ve upgraded the firmware, and if you use it with an external mouse, it’s everything you could want in a two-pound sub-notebook.

A friend just picked up an Aspire One (submodel ZG5, also known as A110) from An older man who owns a giant Windows notebook too heavy to carry comfortably, he wanted something to use for surfing the Internet and checking email from his sofa or kitchen table. He also wanted a little computer that he could take on vacation. Sounds like a job for a netbook! The Aspire One ZG5, an older model, was on sale at a great price. Who could ask for anything more…?

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