December 4, 2003

Achievo 1.0 now available

Ivo Jansch writes "After 3 years of development, the open source GPL'd project management application Achievo has finally reached it's 1.0 milestone.

This is a great step for the open source project, which has grown through steady support from the open source community.

Achievo features time registration, project planning and tracking, and productivity tools such as a scheduler. There are several separately downloadable extension modules available for features such as billing or quotation management.

Achievo's core strenght is its extensibility. It is powered by a backend that makes adapting the application to the needs of an organization extremely easy. Project management is typically an area where companies have their own approach. Adaptability to the subtle differences in these approaches is not just a feature, it has been one of the main goals of the Achievo open source project."


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