Acronis True Image 8.0 Launched

Acronis, Inc., the technological leader in storage management solutions, launched Acronis True Image 8.0, the latest upgrade to its expanding family of award-winning workstation and server disk imaging, backup, and bare-metal restore software. The product allows users to create the exact disk image of live workstations for a complete file and system backup, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective protection solution.
                New features for the workstation version include the ability to exclude paging/hibernate files from the disk image and assign the priority for the disk imaging process in order to balance the PC’s performance between disk imaging and other applications. In addition, Acronis True Image now includes ability to verify a disk image before executing the Restore command, and file-system checking after restoring an image.
        In addition to its disk imaging capabilities, Acronis True Image 8.0 for Workstations incorporates all of the features required to clone, deploy and upgrade disk drives.
        “The necessity of having a reliable backup of your system has never been more imperative,†said Max Tsypliaev, CEO of Acronis. “As corporate, mission-critical data continues to migrate to the desktop and multimedia PCs become more entrenched as essential parts of consumers’ leisure time, guaranteeing the accessibility of data and applications are paramount.
        “In addition,†he said, “being able to perform a bare-metal recovery of lost corporate data in minutes rather than hours or days delivers benefits directly to the company’s bottom line.â€
          “Users have become more dependent on their computers, and time is a most precious commodity,†said Stephen Lawton, director of marketing. “Creating a smaller, more efficient image will significantly increase the speed of creating the image, and eliminating temporary data will significantly decrease the size of the image. Together,†he continued, “these features, along with more verification processes, further ensure that the images users create will be exact duplicates of the disks. Also, the images will be created and restored faster.â€
                Acronis True Image 8.0 is available now. The suggested list price is $49.99. Users who purchased the previous version of the software in the past 30 days get a free upgrade to the current version. More information about the product is available at

About Acronis
                Acronis offers storage management solutions that are technically advanced for mission-critical applications but easy to use. The company provides disaster recovery, backup and restore, partitioning, boot management, privacy, data migration, and other storage management products for enterprises, corporations and consumers. Acronis has offices in the Unites States, Europe and Asia and sells its products through retail outlets, resellers and on the Web. For additional information, please visit or contact Director of Marketing Stephen Lawton at