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Stephen Lawton writes “SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., November 17, 2004 — Acronis, Inc. (, the technological leader in systems and storage management solutions, launched Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 8.0 and Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation 8.0. Both packages, which employ Acronis’ advanced disk imaging technology, are available immediately in order to help IT managers protect and manage servers and workstations throughout the network.

The Enterprise Server software is a comprehensive suite of tools for centralized server storage management; including the ability to perform a bare-metal restore of critical systems in minutes, not hours or days; efficiently manage and the archiving and restoration of data bases, files and folders; employ a back-up strategy for disaster recovery; and implement change-management best practices for installing software and Windows service packs, patches and upgrades.

The Corporate Workstation version allows a network manager to perform similar functions on all workstations on the network. Both products are managed from the Acronis Management Console, which can be installed on any system in the network.

“By adding a dedicated enterprise product, Acronis has drawn a line in the sand that identifies the separate and unique needs of consumer and corporate workstations, small- to midsize-business and departmental servers, and enterprise servers,†said Max Tsypliaev, CEO of Acronis. “We researched the specific needs of each market segment and now offer individual products for these distinct markets. In addition to the products being announced today, the company offers Acronis True Image SMB Server for Windows and Linux for the SMB and departmental server market, while Acronis True Image 8.0 is our consumer-class solution.

“Today’s enterprise-class solutions from Acronis offer far greater flexibility for corporate IT departments,†Tsypliaev added. “Now, IT managers can deploy agents and create server and workstation backup images remotely, increasing the IT department’s productivity and reducing costs. It is no longer necessary to visit each system and install software manually. Even SMBs with smaller networks will benefit from these enterprise solutions by simplifying their backup strategies and improving their disaster recovery capabilities companywide.â€

The Acronis Management Console, included in both Acronis True Image Enterprise Server and Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation, is designed specifically for corporate and enterprise-class environments. From this console, the network manager can image any remote server or workstation over the network. The console also can deploy backup agents on any remote server or workstation without rebooting the target system. The software also has the ability to alert network managers via email or on-screen pop-up boxes should an error condition exist and provides the IT manager with sophisticated reports on all backup operations.

The need for live disk imaging in corporate environments is a growing trend, stated Carolyn DiCenzo, Gartner Research vice president, Storage Software. “Companies should review the new technologies now available to reduce the time to recover downed servers. Disk-imaging solutions with live and incremental capabilities can now be used as a disk-based recovery solution for data as well as system software, complementing a tape-based disaster recovery plan.”

“Acronis True Image Enterprise Server offers network managers far greater flexibility for such functions as bare-metal restores, data migration and disk cloning than ever before,†said Stephen Lawton, director of marketing. “The cost of server downtime could be thousands and even millions dollars per hour. When you’re looking at a return on investment, being up and running in minutes versus hours and days makes ROI calculations a slam dunk for a disk imaging solution such as this as opposed to traditional file-based backups.â€

Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 8.0 has a suggested list price of $999, while Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation is priced at $79.99.

Existing Acronis True Image Server users can upgrade to the Enterprise Server offering; likewise, the Corporate Workstation can be upgraded from the consumer-class version. These upgrades will convert the existing software to all the features and functionality of the enterprise offerings at a fraction of the price. Users wishing to upgrade existing software should contact Acronis at

More information about the product is available at .

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