September 12, 2000

Acrylis launches Whatiflinux Personal edition

Author: JT Smith

The new service, aimed at single user Open Source systems, offers decision support analysis designed to ensure gast, reliable Linux management.
N. Chelmsford, MA, September 12, 2000 -- Acrylis Inc., innovators in the open source software management industry, today announced the availability of WhatifLinux Personal Edition, an Internet-delivered service designed for stand alone Linux and open source users that monitors and manages the software assets running on their system. WhatifLinux streamlines the management of software for the hundreds of thousands of worldwide single user Linux systems.

Acrylis has created a single user edition of its flagship WhatifLinux product. WhatifLinux Personal Edition provides users with immediate access to software updates, security alerts, patches and the latest open source software information right from their Web browser. As with the workgroup version of WhatifLinux, the WhatifLinux Personal Edition provides a decision support tool that allows the user to create "What If" scenarios to determine the impact of installing or uninstalling software on their system, including dependencies upon other software components. The new service is available immediately for $49 per year by visiting .

"There are hundreds of thousands of early adopters who are relying on Linux as their desktop or server operating system of choice," explained Reg Broughton CEO of Acrylis. "But for these early adopters, searching for the tools, tips, updates, patches and dependencies and analysis information is a time consuming process. And once this user has the information, reviewuating the impact of the software change is a key decision. With our WhatifLinux Personal Edition service, our customers are given this key information pro-actively over the Internet, and the decision support tool makes software update tasks fast and less risky."

About WhatifLinux Personal Edition

Designed for single use open source Linux customers, WhatifLinux Personal Edition goes far beyond √Ęstatic√Ę log monitors, network process monitors and software update services by providing immediate software information and updates, along with a software decision tool for "What If" analysis. These "What If" scenarios automatically reviewuate the impact of software changes, dependencies, alerts, patches and releases of open source software applications.

The key components behind the WhatifLinux Personal Edition are:

Knowledge Base - The Knowledge Base contains several kinds of information such as software dependency and conflicts, software alerts and problems, and customer usage information. The software components being monitored can include system software, utility software and application software. Customer information is collected from the agent via the customer's system. This enables WhatifLinux to disseminate alert information directly to those customers who are actively using the affected software.

Decision Support Tool - A key feature of WhatifLinux is the "What If" analysis tool. This tool provides the user with a recursive analysis of the impact of any software changes, installs and uninstalls. The user can link directly to the software provider for a full description of the alert, patch or update. Software patches and updates can be immediately applied, saving time and money.

Intelligent Agents - The Intelligent Agent is a small Java-based application that resides on the open source system being monitored. This agent takes an inventory of all the software packages loaded on the managed system. The agent regularly checks in with the WhatifLinux Knowledge Base for news and updates specific to that open source system, no matter what Linux distribution is present.

Pricing and Availability

Priced at only $49 per year, the WhatifLinux Personal Edition is available immediately by visiting .

Additional product offerings from Acrylis

WhatifLinux-The WhatifLinux Workgroup Edition is designed for system administrators and support staff who manage small networks of Linux-based systems. In addition to all the feature functionality found in the WhatifLinux Personal Edition, WhatifLinux WE also includes a system administrator graphical user interface called the "Management Console" which is designed to help them better manage the complexities typically associated with a multi-system environment. The console, which provides real-time data on the status of information collected from the agents, allows the administrator to see all monitored systems in their domain, and provides views into software packages installed on both specific and aggregate systems. The console provides the administrator with a view of agent alarms (warnings), which allows them to launch corrective actions such as installing or uninstalling software packages, patches or updates, or invoking decision support analysis with the 'What If' feature. The Console also provides an alternate view of all software packages of one specific type across all systems being monitored in the workgroup. The console eases the complexities of software configuration management, software updates and installs by giving the administrator knowledge of dependencies and impacts of upgrading software. WhatifLinux is available immediately starting at $495 per year by visiting

About Acrylis Inc.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in North Chelmsford Massachusetts, Acrylis Inc., is an emerging leader in the open-source, software management industry. Acrylis provides open source users and system administrators with Internet-delivered tools and services for faster, more reliable software management. The company has developed the WhatifLinux family of products, an Internet based subscription service that proactively monitors and manages the software assets running on single and networks of dynamic Linux servers. "What If" decision support and analysis tool provides the user or administrator with immediate feedback on the impact of software changes. Acrylis takes a unique approach to delivering critical Linux software information. By focusing their efforts on deploying autonomous agents that work in conjunction with their Knowledge Base, Acrylis is creating a community of open-source software know-how, which is designed for quicker, more reliable open-source software management. For more information, visit .

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