July 8, 2004

Active Enemy X

Chuck Talk writes "In 1998, a friend of mine told me what sounded like a dire and alarming warning: "Microsoft is the enemy," he said. "This ActiveX thing is so wrong-headed that they don't know what they are unleashing. It's bad for business, it's bad for everyone. It's a mistake."

At the time, it seemed maybe that ActiveX was just some new, shiny toy unleashed by Microsoft that would get better after a few revisions. In hindsight though, my friend was absolutely correct. When I think of the countless applications built on ActiveX and just how flaky they are in comparison to other technologies, I can't help but feel he was right all along. After watching Microsoft flit from one technology to another, I can't help but feel that they have created a monstrosity of code that has always been a series of patchwork releases.


Link: orangecrate.com


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