September 18, 2002

ActiveState Releases PerlMx 2.1: Spam, virus and content filtering

Lori Pike writes: ActiveState's updated PerlMx 2.1
is a complete email filtering system for spam and virus protection, and
corporate policy enforcement. Over 98% effective in removing spam from
inbound email, PerlMx analyzes email during processing to identify spam
before it's delivered. Built on powerful open source technologies,
PerlMx utilizes SpamAssassin, is extensible in Perl, and provides native
support for sendmail.

Key new features in PerlMx 2.1:

  • hides the complexity of sendmail by automating sendmail integration
  • email content firewall capability allows PerlMx to interoperate with
    any corporate email system. In addition to native support for sendmail,
    PerlMx acts as an email gateway and can be deployed for use with any
    existing MTA
  • optimized virus scanning system delivers a significant improvement
    in throughput

"As an ISP that processes half a million messages daily, we are very
concerned about the offensive nature and amount of spam our customers
receive. From their perspective, the responsibility for stopping spam is
ours, so we needed to find an extremely effective solution or risk
losing them," said Hugh Messenger, Senior Network Administrator, AlaWeb
Internet Services. "PerlMx gave us the configurability we needed to be
extremely aggressive in identifying and quarantining spam. During our
evaluation we ran PerlMx side by side with a leading competitor. After
three weeks of tests, PerlMx significantly outperformed the competition,
stopping over 30% more spam with almost complete accuracy."

About ActiveState Corp.
ActiveState is the leader in open language-based software, services, and
resources. Our solutions are used by 72% of the Fortune 500 and
encompass cross-platform and Web services development, and server-side
email management. Our key technologies are Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, and
XSLT. ActiveState's solutions empower people through computing,
minimizing obstacles for programmers, and increasing productivity in the

Media and Analysts please contact:
Lori Pike, ActiveState

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Corp. All other company names herein may be trademarks of their
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