July 20, 2001

ActiveTcl released

Author: JT Smith

ActiveState is pleased to announce the release of the ActiveTcl
distribution for the Tcl scripting language. This is the second release
based on the Tcl/Tk 8.3.3 language core. More details can be found below.
                  Where to get the new releases:

                  ActiveTcl binaries for Windows, Linux and Solaris are available
                  at our web site:


                  What is in this release:

                  ActiveTcl is made up of the latest stable core of Tcl (8.3.3),
                  plus the following extensions:

                          * Tk            8.3.3   
                          * [incr Tcl/Tk] 3.2     
                          * iwidgets      3.0.2   
                          * Tcllib        1.0     
                          * Bwidgets      1.3.1   
                          * tktable       2.7     
                          * tkcon         2.2     
                          * TclX          8.3     
                          * expect        5.32     (Unix only).

                  For additional information:

                  For more information on Tcl and its many extensions, please visit the
                  Tcl Developer Xchange web site:


                  This site contains a variety of information about Tcl/Tk in general,
                  the core Tcl and Tk distributions, the TclPro tool suite, and much more.

                  Reporting Bugs:

                  Tcl/Tk is maintained by the Tcl community, with the sources and bug
                  database at SourceForge:


                  Everyone is encouraged to participate in making Tcl an even better
                  language.  For bugs related to the ActiveTcl packaged distribution,
                  please use:

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