Add It Up: FaaS ≠ Serverless


Serverless architecture is not needed to use Function as a Service (FaaS). In fact, 54 percent of FaaS users without production deployments say their organization does not utilize a serverless architecture, according to a survey conducted in August 2018. In comparison, 96 percent of organizations with FaaS broadly deployed say they use a serverless architecture. Our upcoming Guide to Serverless Technologies covers serverless architecture, technology and computing, and will include the complete study results.

The survey defined FaaS as typically providing event-driven computing where developers run and manage application code with functions that are triggered by events or HTTP requests. Serverless architecture broadly describes an application design that incorporates third-party Backend as a Service (BaaS) services, and/or that includes custom code run in managed environments on a FaaS platform. In many ways, serverless architecture looks similar to other application designs focused on events and microservices.

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