June 16, 2005

Addison-Wesley Professional Publishes New “Spring Into” Series

Heather Fox writes "
SPRING INTO Books Promise to Get Smart Professionals Off the Ground Quickly with New Technologies—5 SPRING INTO Books Recently Published

Upper Saddle River, June, 2005--- Addison-Wesley Professional, the leading publisher of high-quality books for technology users, announces a new Series of books—called the “SPRING INTO” Series— to fill the void professionals face when seeking sophisticated books to learn a new technology quickly and efficiently.

SPRING INTO [www.awprofessional.com/springinto] is characterized as a Series of short, concise, fast-paced tutorials written explicitly for professionals who need to quickly master new technologies. The Series is defined by a handful of principles. All books share these basic qualities:
1) example-driven content;
2) information presented as a series of one- and two-page “chunks” and each chunk containing at least one fully-tested example;
3) complex technologies reduced to their core components;
4) designed to take a sophisticated reader from zero to functional literacy quickly, in no more than 350 pages.

Barry Rosenberg, Editor for the SPRING INTO books, explains the Series mission in the introduction of each book: “A few years ago, I found myself in a new job in which I had to master many new skills in a very short time. I didn’t have to become an instant expert, but I did have to become instantly competent. I went to the bookstore but was shocked by how much the publishing world had changed. At a place where wit and intelligence had once been celebrated, dummies were now venerated.” To address this void, Rosenberg says, “we feel that we’ve created the perfect series for busy professionals.”

The 5 flagship books in the SPRING INTO Series are as follows:
· Spring Into Linux , authored by Janet Valade, provides an introduction to Linux for readers to become quickly competent with all the basic tasks and functions;
· Spring Into PHP 5 , authored by Steven Holzner, provides the nuts and bolts needed to get up and running with PHP 5;
· Spring Into HTML & CSS , authored by Molly Holzschlag, provides the nuts and bolts to get up and running with HTML & CSS;
· Spring Into Technical Writing: For Engineers and Scientists , authored by Series Editor Barry Rosenberg, mentors technical professionals who strive to better communicate their expertise through proposals and other types of written documents;
· Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2 , authored by Brian Culp, provides the nuts and bolts to get up and running with Service Pack 2;
· FORTHCOMING [September, 2005] : Spring Into Digital Photography, authored by Joseph Jaynes and Rip Noel, will be the technical professional's complete guide to digital photography: from taking the photo, to enhancing it, to printing or posting it online.

AUTHORS BIO SKETCHES : Our Author “Dream Team” includes:
· Series Editor Barry Rosenberg is a technical writer, software instructor, and manager. He is the author of Addison-Wesley’s KornShell Programming Tutorial, Hands-On KornShell 93 Programming, and Client/Server Computing for Technical Professionals. Rosenberg taught an advanced technical writing course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] for four semesters. He has worked as a technical writing manager at three companies: Apollo/HP, Open Market, and 170 Systems. He has authored over 60 corporate software manuals. Rosenberg worked for many years as a professional juggler. The highlight of his show was juggling seven balls. (He’s done eight balls in practice.)
· Brian Culp is the author or co-author of six books on Microsoft technologies, and tours the U.S. giving relevant presentations.
· Steven Holzner is an award-winning author of 93 programming books, including many bestsellers that have sold over two million copies worldwide, and have been translated into 18 languages.
· Molly Holzschlag has been termed “one of the greatest digerati” and deemed one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Women on the Web”; she is author of more than 30 web development books.
· Forthcoming! Joseph Jaynes has written numerous technical books on computer-related topics and has taught college-related courses on these topics. Jaynes is also a professional actor. Co-Author Rip Noel is an award-winning photographer, whose work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, USA Today, National Geographic and Time. He also has produced a commissioned portrait of President Ronald Reagan.
· Janet Valade has 20 years experience in the computing field, and has authored two books on PHP & MySQL.

-- “I really liked this [“Spring Into HTML & CSS”] book. It provides clear and concise information on HTML and CSS including plenty of working examples. I
believe this would be a good book for beginners, intermediates and, with the nice annotated references in the back, for experienced web page creators as well. Overall I am very pleased with this book and I intend on recommending it to my friends and colleagues.” -- Linc Fessenden, Co-Host, The Linuxlink TechShow
http://thelinuxlink.net/tllts , Co-Founder of Lehigh Valley Linux Users Group

-- “This book [“Spring Into PHP 5”] is tight and well-written. It's really well organized, with each topic covering just a couple of pages. Each topic is handled the same way -
brief, clear explanation, great samples and more detail. If you're just learning, refreshing, or want a really useable reference, this is it. While the book on the whole was really great, what surprised me was how well the section on object-oriented PHP was handled. It didn't dumb down anything, didn't shield you from new terms, but defined them so quickly and simply, and showed such variety and quality of examples that it should be approachable by even those who have been scared off of OOP PHP in the past. I'd highly recommend this book.” -- Josh McCormack, Member of New York PHP User Group

-- “You have a hit with this addition [“Spring Into Technical Writing”] to the "Spring Into" series. Barry Rosenberg knows how to write and write well. I loved reading -
and applying - the common-sense humor and well-placed prose with the effort he put into this excellent book!” -- Robert Pritchett, CEO of MPN, LC, Publisher, macCompanion.com

About Addison-Wesley: Addison-Wesley (www.awprofessional.com) is a respected publisher of quality computer science and engineering books and software for technical professionals. It is a unit of Pearson Technology Group, the world’s largest provider of consumer and professional computer, information technology, engineering and reference content. Pearson Technology Group is an operating unit of Pearson Education, the world’s leading educational publisher. Pearson Education is part of Pearson plc (NYSE: PSO), the international media company."

Link: awprofessional.com

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