January 20, 2002

AdminUX automates Linux System Administration on the mainframe

Author: JT Smith

Scott Hartsell writes "Norcross GA - Green Light Advantage, a member of IBM's PartnerWorld for Developers, has released their proactive system management software, AdminUX 8.8, for SuSE Linux and TurboLinux running on IBM* eServer zSeries and S/390 platforms. We are very excited about making AdminUX for Linux available on the IBM mainframe, said Scott Hartsell, President and CEO of Green Light Advantage.

IBM is currently running live versions of AdminUX on the eServer z900 mainframe at the e-business Briefing Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. AdminUX is being hailed as a Virtual System Administrator for Linux Guest on the z900. AdminUX automates 80% of the recommended, routine, system administration tasks for secure, reliable, Linux system operation.

Businesses everywhere are rolling out Linux on the mainframe in new implementations or using Linux to add new life and increased efficiency to their existing technology investment. The power and reliability of the mainframe, the cost savings benefits of the Linux operating system and virtual partitioning technology are prompting customers, business partners and academics to explore how Linux on the IBM mainframe solves business problems with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

A significant number of our enterprise customers are currently planning or implementing applications on Linux for zSeries and S/390, said Joann Duguid, director, Linux on IBM eServer zSeries. And as more and more customers embrace Linux on the mainframe, powerful system administration tools like AdminUX from Green Light Advantage become increasingly essential for business operations.

As more IBM customers move to install Linux into their enterprise, they are going to be looking for system administration products to assist in their transition and support their goal of reduced total cost of ownership. AdminUX has over a decade of system administration experience and offers a truly proactive system administration capability that fits in well with the "lights out" management that mainframe customers have come to expect. We look forward to helping IBM's customers embrace the Linux operating system by giving them a high-quality, reliable system administrator like AdminUX, Hartsell stated.

As the mainframe and Linux combination make inroads in the e-commerce arena, Green Light Advantage looks forward to helping IBM's customers embrace the Linux operating system by providing them with high-quality and reliable server management and administration capabilitiesAdminUX is currently available for most major Unix platforms and the major Linux distributions. For more information on AdminUX, contact Green Light Advantage at 800-878-3462 or visit http://www.gladvantage.com

About Green Light Advantage

Green Light Advantage (Norcross, GA) provides proactive system software that enables companies to move their system administration efforts from break/fix to a proactive approach. Green Light is privately held company with sales and marketing located in Norcross, Georgia and product development in Cape Canaveral, Florida. GreenLight is also a member of IBM's PartnerWorld for Developers program.

AdminUX is a registered trademark of GreenLight Advantage, LLC. The IBM eServer brand consists of the established IBM e-business logo with the descriptive term "server" following it. The IBM e-business logo and zSeries are trademarks or registered trademarks of the IBM Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

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