July 31, 2001

Adobe's 800-pound gorilla on the Apple OS X sidelines

Author: JT Smith

Kelly McNeill writes, "The Macintosh became a powerful tool for graphics professionals shortly after its birth, and one of Apple's most faithful companions in this role has been Adobe. Yet Apple continues to struggle with getting key players like Adobe to produce native software for the new operating system. Adobe was the first and most prominent player on stage at the MacWorld Expo in New York, demonstrating versions of GoLive, Illustrator and InDesign running under Mac OS X. While it is encouraging to see Adobe making an effort, it is disappointing that the software giant has no release dates for its forthcoming software. Even more troubling is the absence of Adobe's most popular program, Photoshop, the undisputed cornerstone of graphic design software." The column's at osOpinion.
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